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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  June 16, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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held at the oakmont country club since it opened pack in 1903. it has a reputation as the toughest golf course this america. i would be terrible there. starting now at the 5:00 hour, we have breaking news that we want to stay on top of on the roads this morning. problem on the outer loop of the beltway. >> let's check in with jack taylor. what's going on? >> well, we heard there was a tractor trailer and vehicle into the back end of the tractor trailer on the outer loop just as you come up on to connecticut avenue. no traffic has moved for quite some time. we may be able to get traffic by to the far left after some of the authorities potentially leave the scene. but for now, nothing is moving at all on the outer loop of the beltway and connecticut avenue. do not get past georgia avenue if you're heading out the door right now and you're in the immediate he area. also potentially better news on the bay bridge. westbound we had a vehicle that was overturned. they have turned the camera and
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single file right. slowly moving in the two left lanes with all the emergency equipment. once they clear the bridge, all three travel lanes will be open once again. but for now, just remember outer loop of the beltway at connecticut avenue, all travel lanes are blocked. adam, eun, back into you. right now universal background checks and the no fly list. we will see debate on those two gun control measures after nearly 15 hour filibuster in the senate. >> it ended only a few hours ago. erika gonzalez is at the live desk to tell us more about what it all means. >> we'll check in with her in just a minute. >> i'm right here. we are watching -- or we were watching this go late into the night and then it went into the early hours of this morning. 2:00 in the morning to be exact. the filibuster started with senator chris murphy, a democrat from
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lunchtime yesterday, and ended with according to c-span the support of some 40 other senators. >> today, tonight, tomorrow and in the days ahead, because this experience is only the next step. >> it's been nearly a decade since congress made any significant changes to federal gun laws. votes would be held on whether to ban people on the go. he's terrorist watch list from obtaining gun licenses and whether to expand background checks to gun shows and internet sales. the filibuster comes three days after a gunman killed 49 people inside the pulse night club in orlando. tracie potts continues our coverage of the tilly buster and all of its political implications a little later in our broadcast. back over to you. your time is 5:03. now to the city of orlando as it heals from the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. president obama will travel there to meet with
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shooting. vice president joe biden will accompany the president. the two leaders will also spend time talking with first responders and medical personnel. 49 people died and 53 others were hurt when gun than omar mateen opened fire in the pulse night club. and we're learning new details about mateen's social media posts in the days before the attack. on facebook he asked the u.s. and russia to stop bombing the islamic state. on the morning of the massacre, he searched pulse orlando and shooting. in his final facebook post, mateen wrote, quote, in the next few day, you will see attacks from islamic state in the usa. the 29-year-old had five facebook accounts. and we could learn as early as today whether a grand jury plans to charge mateen's wife. noor zahi salman told the fbi she was with her husband when he bought the bullets and holster used in the mass shooting. she also
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him past pulse night club once before the shooting. salman said she pled with her husband not to carry out the attack, but never alerted authorities to his plan. and back here at home, shaw's tavern turned their regular piano sing along night into a tribute to the victims of the ordinary night club shooting. ♪ the restaurant donated 50% of its sales yesterday and asked for donations from everyone who sang a song. there is also a silent auction where patrons can bid on gift certificates from local establishments to raise even more money for the cause. proceeds will go to the official pulse victims fund page for equality florida. >> after the events of the weekend, i got together with jill who does the piano events for us and i said we have to do something for our community to reach out. >> in the piano room, shaw's tavern put up the picture of
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about them. heavy heli tankers and helicopters called in to southern california to try to suppress a major fire. this is what we're watching right now, the so-called sherpa fire reported late yesterday afternoon p. and it's already burned several hundred acres. the santa barbara county fire department set up a shelter for a number of individuals that had to be evacuated from their homes. a very dangerous situation at this hour. i'm erika gonzalez. we're almost at the end of the first phase of metro's safetrack program. so for you on to phase two. this morning we'll hear from metro general manager paul wiedefeld, he's holding a news conference to talk about final preparations and travel advice. now, phase two work starts on saturday between the eastern market and minnesota avenue and eastern market and benning road stations. it will last 16 days and it will impact your commute on the orange, blue and silver
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that means two stations will actually close completely. stadium-armory and potomac avenue. prince george's county commuters will notice a major impact. also those traveling on the orange, blue and silver lines should probably consider alternate travel plans during the work. you can find all the details about phase two on the nbc washington app. just search "safetrack" and we'll also live stream the news conference at 10:30. happening today, we should learn how long a former military lawyer will spend in prison for a violent home invasion in mclean. andrew schmuhl was found guilty of all accept charges. prosecutors say schmuhl tortured fisher and his wife for hours. they say it was an act of revenge after fisher fired schmuhl's wife from his law firm. schmuhl faces 5 years to life. also today, closing arguments are expected in the
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ashburn executive accused of killing his exstranged wife. his lawyers say the mother of five took her own life. follow jie carey on twitt twitter @juliecareynbc. donald trump scheduled to be deposed in d.c. today. a legal spat with a celebrity chef over a planned restaurant in trump's new hotel on pennsylvania avenue. the chef pulled out of the deal to open the restaurant in that hotel last year after trump's comments about immigrants on the campaign trail. trump then sued for breach of contract. it's not clear if trump will actually appear today. and turning to decision 2016, donald trump will be back on the campaign trail today. he will hold a rally in dallas tonight at 8:00 on the democratic side, bernie sanders is expected to address what is next for his campaign tonight in and online video message to supporters. that is scheduled to begin at 8:30 tonight.
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today. don't be alarmed if you notice a bright peach color in the water close to reagan national airport today. a nontoxic dye will be used between dominion virginia power crystal city substation and the roaches run waterfowl sanctuary. this is after mineral oil leaked in to the river in january. the leak came from the arlington substation. nearly two dozen birds died after the oil coated their feathers. the dye used today does not hurt animals or aquatic life. take a live look at storm team 4 radar and the rain that is moving into the area. you may feed tneed the wipers o way in. and as we mentioned, surge one of metro safetrack program comes to an end today and we're getting you ready for phase two. closures you can expect in a life report. and new information about that devastating sty
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toddler has been found after being krag
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welcome back. never good to start with breaking news, a problem on the outer loop top side at connecticut avenue. all travel lanes are closed due to a serious crash. hearing maryland state police, rockville requesting to potentially get two lanes open to the left. that has not happened yet. it's still closed beyond the temple at connecticut avenue all travel lanes open. better news from the eastern shore, westbound on 50 at the bay bridge, all lanes reopened. delay getting toward the bridge should begin to ease quickly. how long will the rain stick around? >> right now for most of us, it's the completely dry, but i am tracking some rain back over the mountains. as it moves eastward, it will
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about 9:00 a.m. otherwise patchy fog this morning. 73 degree. by 11:00 a.m. a, we're mainly dry. but humid. and already around 79. flash flood watch goes in to effect later today around 5:00 p.m. and that will run through 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. shower possible this morning, shower or storm possible this afternoon. and then heavy rain for everybody overnight tonight. more on the impacts from this heavy rain as well as the humidity forecast in ten minutes. it's 5:13. metro's safetrack program is well under way. tase o phase one is set to wrap up today. >> and that means phase two is wait management the wings. megan mcgrath is live for us with who this next set of repairs will impact the most. >> reporter: well, things will get messy no question about it. and if you travel through the affected areas, you might want to start thinking about different modes of transportation here in the next couple of weeks. now, take a look at the area that is being
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around in the phase two of metro safetrack program. we're talking about between eastern market and minnesota avenue and benning road stations. instead of single tracking leik we saw in taphase one, this tim station closures. potomac avenue and stadium-armory will be closed for 16 days june 18 through july 3. so completely closed. also, no rail service or bus service during peak hours between arlington cemetery and rosslyn. so folks will want to use the yellow line via l'enfant plaza instead. so major disruptions of course are expected, major delays on all orange and sl ilver line stations. shuttle buss that will be running people around the closed stations are expected to be re, very crowded. so you may want to something different if you travel through the affected areas during this next phase two of the project.
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on this morning, we'll hear from metro about things people can do to try and make things go a bit smoother during this second phase. back to you in the studio. today a mass and memorial service for a little boy who died in an alligator attack. crews recovered lane graves' body yesterday after he disappeareded in the water near a disney world resort. orange county sheriff's deputies say an alligator dragged off the boy. today the orange county medical examiner will perform an autopsy on graves' body. investigators believe he drowned, but it's not confirmed exactly how he died. crews are still trying to find the gator that attacked him. they caught and examined five different alligators all without evidence of and attack. the incident has shocked visitors. >> i feel so bad for the family. >> graves and his
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visiting disney world from nebraska. his church is accepting donations for his family and a go fund me page has raised horn more than $11,000. prince george's county police looking for a suspect in a hyattsville home side on 55th avenue. chopper 4 flew over the crime scene which is cho to the baltimore-washington parkway. police say a man was shot just after 5:00 yesterday afternoon. that man later died at the hospital. investigators don't think that the shooting was random. and we are hearing about firefighters at the scene of the bethesda friendship heights metro station at this hour. we're not exactly sure what it is that brought them to the scene, whether or not this will impact service. but a spokesperson for the montgomery county fire and rescue says that they are on scene again of the bethesda friendship heights metro station. we're making
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trying to figure out what is going on and we'll bring you more coming up. we're following developing story overseas thousand. a french naval ship is ending its search effort for the egyptair jet that crashed last month. authorities said yesterday that another ship operated by u.s. company spotted and ob taptaine images from the wreck under water. next step is drawing a man showing the location. all on board were killed. the cause remains unclear. right now a massive wildfire in central new mexico has forced the governor to declare a state of emergency there. it's been dubbed the dog head fire and started on tuesday afternoon. it's burned at least 2,000 and he canners acres and counting. officials are encouraging people to leave the area. meanwhile in neighboring arizona, an intense wildfire there has forced people to evacuate. the cedar creek fire was first
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reported yesterday in show low about two hours outside of flagstaff. already more than 2500 acres have burned. today you have a chance to get a free ride on a transit services of frederick county. part of the annual dump the pump day. today is dedicated to raising awareness, public transportation helps the environment and conserves fuel. here is a look at the where gas prices stand. $2.55 for regular gallon in d.c. $2.33 in maryland. and the cheapest, $2.18 in virginia. time is 5:18. let's turn our attention to weather and traffic. >> amelia draper telling us about the rain expected in our forecast. good morning. >> good morning. so a few spotty showers away throughout the day. maybe a few thunderstorms during the afternoon. but most if not all of the day for you will be mainly dry. a mix of clouds and sun and humid. the main event is tonight during the evening and overnight hours as we track her have i rain
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so here is your hourly planner during the morning hours. a few isolated showers. otherwise plept of clouds. mist and patchy fog. by noon, largely dry. 81. a high today of 84. during the afternoon hours, some widely scattered showers and maybe a few thunderstorms because of the heat and humidity. we can't rule out a few stronger storms. but again, it's really as we move into the evening hours, 8:00 p.m. heavy rain moves in. temperature around 75. and with that heavy rain in the forecast through early tomorrow morning, the national weather service has issued a flash flood watch overnight tonight that expires at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. some areas could pick up over 2 inches of rain. biggest concerns as far as flooding those will flood goes will be poppinding on area roads. so heads up early tomorrow on your friday. as far as severe risk for any storms this afoo
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northern virginia and the panhandle of west virginia. that includes fauquier county. again, the main concerns will be strong gusty winds, maybe a bit of hail and heavy rain. but for everybody, i'm really tracking heavy rain overnight tonight on into tomorrow morning. we'll send things over to jack taylor thousand with tnow. not the news you want to hear. the new research that says your coffee could cause cancer. >> and charges could get dropped today. what a judge is expected to take up. and breaking news, a semi truck has overturned on the outer loop of the beltway. we've learned at least three other vehicles are involved. we have a crew on the way to the scene. going to on bring you an update as so as we get it. on
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good morning. not good news on the beltway. outer loop, you will find a crash at connecticut avenue. we do have the left shoulder now getting by. state highway attempting to see if we can get a left shoulder and left ralane combination by. delays doing nothing but growing. this will cost you a lot of extra time. outer loop back from college park back over toward bethesda. new accident southbound bw parkway after 197. right lane getting by there. eun, back into you. and take a look at the surveillance photos. montgomery county police are looking for this man whom they say stole cigarettes from a rockville safeway store and swung a knife at an employee. they say the thief fled on a bike. no one was hurt.
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happening today, a dedication for medstar washington hospital's center latest edition. the heart and vascular hospital set to open next month on the campus of met starr washington center. the state-of-the-art facility will become the skrikts's first and only heart and vascular hospital. and in ne"news 4 your healt" comforting news for anyone who wakes up early. world health organization says there is no conclusive evidence that coffee causes cancer and it may in fact protect people from uterine cancer, heart disease. 22 years ago, they had warned it was possibly car sin againic. >> they reviewed a lot of study aptook into can the that there was no set evidence to say that coffee causes cancer. >> here is the important part. drinking your coffee too hot can cause esophagus cancer because the coffee c
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but most drink at lower than 149 degrees. i don't like it that hot. >> you can't really drink it if it's that hot. but i don't know of many who would give up coffee regardless. especially on our shift. well, we hope that you have booked your hotel for the olympics in rio because if you are going and you didn't, it is going to cost you quite a lot of money to stay there. we are talking about $4,000 a night. >> what? >> who has that kind of money? that is for higher he said apartments and it's far away from the olympic venues and rio beaches. hotels are more 97% full right now. tourists and some corporations are turning to sites like airbnb. summer games begin august 5. only 50 days. >> i'll just tag along with weapon weap wendy. and what p
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nominees are promise doing in the wake of the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. and maryland's governor says don't expect him to vote trump. who he says he'll cast his ballot for instead. and a semi-truck has overturned on the outer loop of the beltway near connecticut avenue. at the least three other vehicles are would haved. another update on the sittion theruae
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breaking news on the beltway. only the left shoulder is getting by on the outer
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where a semi-truck has overturned. a check on that in a minute. but first an update from the live desk. we were just telling you about firefighters presence over at the friendship heights metro station. we now know why. metro has confirmed that there is in fact an arcing insulator there. so now you have single tracking between van necessass and medic center. an arcing insulator to causing single tracking between van ness and medical somewhere. ba >> not a good day to commuters. g i'm eun yang oig. >> and i'm adam tuss in for aaron. >> i'm getting reports of patchy fog and misty drizzle, but as far as rain is concerned, not tracking tahat just yet in our
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umbrella handy. but as we head into the evening and overnight hours, heavy rain with some embedded thunderstorms will be impacting the area. as far as severe weather goes with that heavy rain, biggest concern is going to be some flash flooding where some areas could see over 2 inches. that will set us up for nice father's day weekend with lower humidity by tomorrow. more on the weekend coming up, but for now we'll send it over to jack who continues to track breaking news. not a great morning for thib trying to pmove out of college park. outer loop beltway at connecticut, left shoulder getting by. hoping to get the left lip and left shoulder combo getting by. you will see at this stage we are again two possible lanes getting by to the left. just giant delays. eastbound 7 near international drive, sounds like a vehicle fire. left lane getting by. for now in dece
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back into you. turning for you to the aftermath of the terror in orlando. it will be an emotional day for victims' families and survivors as president obama and vice president joe biden make their way to orlando. their visit comes as the investigation intensifies and the community struggles to heal. leeann greg has more now from orlando. >> reporter: good morning. officials say they have a large amount of tips they're following up, they're recreating the crime scene and reaching out to anyone who may have known the gunman as the investigation continues to widen. they say that they will try to trace his foot steps, his movements months bag back up u the attack. his wife remain as primary focus. no word on whether she will be charged or when. she said that she was very afraid on saturday night before the shoot
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was going to follow through with his plan. she said she begged him not to do it. that's what she told federal authorities. but she didn't call authorities that night. and she didn't call the club. so that right now is in question. and just how much she actually knew. also they say at this point nothing suggests that there were additional targets. officials put an end to speculation that mateen had help. they say he did act alone despite some of the witnesses in the club saying they thought there was another shooter. and they said there is no evidence that he scoped out any other gay clubs. as for the president's visit, he will be here at around 12:30 local time. >> leanne gregg live in orlando for us. thank you. and now to remembering the victims of the worst mass shooting this u.shoot in u.s. history. there will be an interfaith prayer service at the rock spring congregation al united church of christ. that prayer service starts at 6:30 tonight. after thra
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7:30, there will be an interfaith community iftar, the meal eaten by muslims after sunset during ramadan. >> kept coming closer and closer. i was in the bathroom. >> and the last time these two friends saw one another, they were escaping the bullets inside pulse night club. a trio of best friends went out sunday night for some fun. one of then wouldn't make it out alive. demetrius says he and his friends were less than ten feet from the shooter when the gunfire began. eddie justice ended up dying in a bathroom. his mother shared his heartbreaking last text messages with reporters. eddie tried texting his friend and feared the worst when he didn't get a replay. >> i kept texting him like no matter what happens, just stay strong. if you got hit, stay strong, they're coming. >> you got to be strong for the people that didn't make it. >> the family is planning a funeral for eddie
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it is now 5:35. a major motion is expected this morning in the caesar goodson trial. he's one of six baltimore police officers charged in the death of freddie gray. the prosecution rested yesterday and this morning the judge will take up a defense motion to acquit goodson. he is facing the most serious charge this is gray's death including depraved murder. if the judge does not grant the motion to acquit, the defense will get its chance to make its case. d.c. police still looking for the suspect in a daytime shooting in anna cost i canpto . a shot apparently came from the nearby metro station parking garage and a gunfight began on stanton road. we're told a juvenile was inj e injur injured. folks who live in that area say they just don't feel safe. >> it's getting badder and
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badder this d.c. need to figure out a way to lower the crime. >> police thought the shooting may be connected, now they don't believe that is the case. today hooter's will learn whether the restaurant can keep its liquor license. the board of license commissioner is holding the hearing today. the restaurant's license is in jendy f jendy for allegedly overserving the man who later hit and killed police officer noah leotta at a dui check point. leotta later died. reluzco has pled guilty to vehicle manslaughter. alexandria police department could benefit from more patrol and traffic officers. that is the recommendation after an independent review of the department. the city asked for the study as part of a long term police staffing plan. nell use t they will use the findings for future budget planning. today council will
5:37 am
it will hold a rare triple joint committee meeting this afternoon to talk about what the county has done to address gang activity. now, there is a major concern that children are being recruited. the county saw a spike in gang related murders late last year. there were eight represented deaths this montgomery county in 20 10r5, up from one in 201. boxing is helping an 11-year-old turn his life around. bernard is using the ring to get out his extra energy. a few months ago he was in a night five at school. instead of being charged with a crime, he entered the ace program that gives him a chance to learn new skills. >> it teaches me that anything is possible to do. >> more than 1100 young people have been part of the ace program over the last two years and 90% of
5:38 am
program have not been rearrested for other crimes. love that statistic. >> and good for him. we have breaking news on the beltway at 5:38. only the left shoulder is getting by after a semi truck overturned. molette green just arrived on the scene. what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning. we can see across the lane, one lane getting by here. take a look at the focus, this accident involved a tractor trailer and at least two passenger vehicles. one person transported to the hospital. there is a very badly damaged car and state police crews are looking over it. the top part of the car actually gone off of it. i'll see if irene can pull in a little bit more. we do have one lane of traffic getting by, this crash happened
5:39 am
connecticut avenue. you can see the traffic backed up as a result of all of this. we understand that the tractor trailer involved has been removed from the scene, but the very badly damaged car that we can see is still in the roadway facing the wrong direction and that the entire top part of the car is gone. we'll keep working on this story and get more information. for now, one lane of traffic getting by here on the beltway on the outer
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again! again! again! again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal... again!
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we want to take a look at our forecast. we could be looking at some rain today. >> a memelia draper says maybe big umbrella. >> we'll be track heavy rain this evening and early tomorrow. right now rain still west of i-81. this won't be the main event today, but it will set off a few showers during the morning hours. here we are at 7:00 a.m. on future weather, notice light showers in the d.c. metro area. but we're largely dry throughout the day with a mix of clouds and sun and humid conditions. once it moves in to the
5:43 am
hours, 6:00 pc.m., scattered storms and overnight tonight heavy veirain and high wind. can't rule out some hail, maybe an isolated tornado. but if now, we continue to track breaking news this morning, jack. >> sounds like we're make something progress. the crash that occurred early this morning, now hearing that left shoulder and two left lanes are getting by at the scene. so progress being made. ram rided line is single tracki because of a track problem outside friendship heights. back into you. a major discovery when it comes to the zika virus and birth defects. what health officials are finding about certain try meimer trimesters. policehief c
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welcome back. we have breaking news right now on the beltway where only the left shoulder is getting by after a crash involving a semi truck. we will check in with jack taylor with more on tahat in a minute. but first your weather headlines. >> right now temperatures coming in in the low 70s. mainly dry across the area, but later today especially during the evening hours, some heavy rain embedded storms and potential for severe weather. i'm tracking it all and we'll have the latest impacts coming up. a phoenix woman has been indicted for attempted murder after she slammed her car into a cyclist. and this video you're about to watch is disturbing. >> it's shocking. surveillance video from late april shows a mustang ram into a cyclist. wow. sending him head over heels in the air. this
5:48 am
police say the driver intentionally hit the man moments after the two had a conversation. they say that the driver is the cyclist's girlfriend. she had just found out that he was hiv positive. the man broke vertebrae in his back, needed staples for a head injury. chinese embassy is still working to connect tourists injured in a bus crash on the gw parkway with their relatives. one person was killed, two others in critical condition. and the shuttle bus collided with a car. embassy says there were 17 tourists on the bus. the driver was not hurt. a neighbor is impressed by the more than a dozen people who stopped to help. >> it's not uncommon to see people helping a bicyclist crash, but nothing that big. but, yeah, it was great. >> u.s. park police are still working to track down the good samaritans who helped after that crash. today you can learn more about the
5:49 am
tonight's community meeting is in the ashburn at cedar lane elementary school at 6:30. the meeting will focus on the widening from the dulles connector road on ramp to the fairfax drive exit. it loa federal judge says ta should consider metro's maintenance issues and falling ridership before it builds a light rail purple line that it would connect to. this is coming out of a lawsuit opposing the light rail project. the information is part of a cost/benefit analysis. time is 5:49. happening today, the city of philadelphia expected to finalize a tasks on sugary drinks. it will be the only first major u.s. city to pass a soda tax and second overall following berkeley, california. now, the measure will charge 1.5 cents for every ounce of diet and regular soda,
5:50 am
thrg drinks along with some juice drinks. expected to raise $91 million. good news with parent with a teen driver. it is getting cheaper to ensure your teen. right now adding your child to the policy will increase your premium by 79%. that is a 5% less than three years ago. it's more expensive to ensure boys than girls at a rate of 91% to 67%. good student discounts can relief some of the pressure. be sure to ask for any discounts your insurance company can offer. turning now to decision 2016. marco rubio made it clear during his bid for president that he was not going to run for re-election for his senate seat. now he's saying maybe. he left the door open to running when speaking to reporters yesterday saying that he may reconsider his plans. rubio says he'll decide later this week about that. >> meanwhile donald trump is getting strong words there maryland governor larry hogan. hogan says he will not
5:51 am
trump in november. that is even if trump picks new jersey governor chris christie as his running mate. >> if he puts chris christie on the ticket? >> no. >> why? >> i've said it over and over and over, i'm not a supporter of donald trump, i won't endorse donald trump and i won't get involved in the campaign. not going to the convention. >> hogan has never before said that he wouldn't vote for trump in november's election. ask yourself what can you do to make sure that orlando, or sandy hook, never ever happens again. >> democrats are one step closer to getting what they wanted after a nearly 15 hour filibuster in the is that the. it led to republicans agreeing to allow votes on two proposed gun control measures. one of the questions now, what impact will this renewed push by democrats have on the presidential race. tracie potts is live on
5:52 am
hill with more. donald trump offered to heat with t meet with the nra to discuss a no fly no buy law, but apparently this has been their stance all along. >> reporter: nra sdwchdoesn't wo see gush guns in the hands of terrorists, but it comes down to who is a terrorist. someone who is on the no-fly list but they're appealing. how do you actually define who does not get the right to purchase that gun. that's what it will come todown to. but, yes, donald trump wants to sit down with the nra and talk about this. >> and what about the democrats, will there be a coordinated strategy? >> reporter: we don't know if it will be coordinated, but hillary clinton has aligneded herself with victims of gun violence before orlando. we saw her increasingly making this part of her campaign.
5:53 am
so, yes, if there is success here for democrats, she will claim that is part of her success. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill for us. thank you. >> time 5:53 on this thursday morning. let's get a check of weather and traffic. >> amelia, tell us what to expect today. >> pretty quiet out there right now, but later today during the evening hours, we will be under storm team 4 weather alert as we track heavy rain and some embedded storms impacting the area. main concerns flash flooding especially on area roads and high winds that could lead to some wind damage. through the morning hours, a few isolated showers, 72, plenty of clouds. by noon, still the chance of a shower one of those days you will have the umbrella handy. about 40% chance of rain during the day. 100% chance during the evening and overnight hours. so 4:00 might be a few spotty showers or storms. any storms could be on the heavier side. 84 at 4:00. and thatll
5:54 am
starts to move in, 75. flash floodes into effect and that runs for just about everybody. over 2 inches of rain possible overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. so you want to watch for your friday morning commute for some ponding of water on roads. again, high today of 84. tomorrow cooler, breezy, a high of 76. we'll be tracking rain during the morning hours. winding down around the midday hours. and then late day sun in the forecast. so your thursday evening tonight, not looking so great. tomorrow looking dry and comfortable, the weekend looking fabulous. plenty of sun, low 80s. and we warm up monday and tuesday. 90s by tuesday. jack, you're tracking some improvements on the beltway. i believe so at this point. we had a camera crew on scene.
5:55 am
at one point all lanes were closed. but this is your delay headed back near new hampshire avenue already. you see traffic getting by as you travel on the outer loop of the beltway. you will experience big delays. outer loop top side again delays after 95 interchange. also an update on the red line, trains no longer single tracking. residual delays continue in both directions from the earlier track problem. so delays on the road and rails. back to you. new developments about zika and what could happen if you are infected. as you know, the virus has been linked to microcephaly and other birth defects. however some early evidence suggests that getting zika during the third trimester of pregnancy will not impact your child's health. doctors in colombia have been monitoring more than 1,000 pregnant women diagnosed with zika. they say babies whose mothers were infected during their third try police t
5:56 am
defects. the interim police chief in oakland, california is off the job after just six days. the tent is dealing with a sex scandal alleging at least 14 officers had sex with a teenage prostitute. oakland's mayor says it was a mistake appointing ben fairow as interim chief. fairow is not implicated in the scandal, but did admit to having an affair more than a decade ago. i'm plan tlandon dowdy. a judge suspending the deadline for volkswagen to reach a settlement deal with we regulat over the emission scandal. the deal includes an offer by vw to buy back the cars and promote green auto technology. with your morning business report, i'm landon dowdy. happening today, the u.s. open gets started. the ninth open held at the oakmont country club since it
5:57 am
opened. the court has been called the toughest golf course in america. not for me, though. the there. >> really pretty, too. and a mother moving forward after her son's death. he wasn't even 14, but his life and words inspired many people including oprah. now his mother jenny is facing her own health battle. she faces from a thur rneuro mu disease and is now battling cancer, but she's pressed on and held a big birthday barb this weekweekend. doctors say she would not live to see the age of 38, but she says she's decided to live until she's 83. we continue to watch the breaking news on the beltway as the morning rush ramps up. you're looking live at the scene.
5:58 am
causing major buackups. we'll get all of it when we come back.
5:59 am
there is a major problem on the outer loop of the beltway this morning after a crash involving two vehicles and a tractor trailer. >> some traffic now moving past the accident. molegr
6:00 am
scene. what you ccan you tell us? >> reporter: it looks like the accident investigation is pretty much wrapped up and clearing out. you can see there are some state highway administration trucks here and a couple of state police vehicles. but the crashed up car, a car that was badly crashed, towed away about five minutes ago. there was that serious accident that really had all of the lanes blocked except for one here on the outer loop of the beltway before connecticut avenue. one person we know transported to the hospital with very serious injuries. the accident involves that tractor trailer and two passenger vehicles. jack taylor reported that one of the vehicles went into the back of the tractor trailer. the truck removed from the scene and now the badly damaged car that we saw and showed you a little while ago gone, as well. many lanes


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